• Vevila Hussey, MSW

Six Quick Tips for Effective Grant Writing

As a grant-writer and former grant manager for the Department of Public Health, I've written many successful grants. I've also benefitted from working with a cohort of experts in the field. Are you diving into grant work as an early writer? Here are a few tips to get you started.

1. Identify your funding sources and study their goals, reports, and materials. The better you align your proposal with their goals, the better.

2. Ensure you understand the process of submission and approval for each funder. Pro tip: place dates on your calendar far in advance and schedule time for your proposal on your calendar.

3. Communicate with your funder, as needed. The greater clarity and relationship you have, the greater chances you have of success.

4. Reach out for Letters of Support immediately. It is okay to send your supporters a draft of a letter to react to and augment. Supporters are very busy!

5. Borrow the verbiage or jargon of the funder, where you're able. Otherwise, keep your language plain, at the sixth-grade level.

6. Never use the words "would" or "could." Use words such as "can" and "will." Your confidence is important.

Grant-writing can be extremely complicated and particularly challenging for busy organizations. For grant-writing and related supports, contact Vevila Hussey, MSW at

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